The Company profile and its core business

Spiga Nord is specialized in the manufacture of high purity vegetable origin GMO-free REFINED GLYCEROL and Pure VEGETABLE refined KOSHER and HALAL GMO-free POLYGLYCEROLS. The Company manufactures its finished products in the plant of Carasco, located 35 km from the city of Genoa (Italy) and is able to deliver Glycerol and Polyglycerols produtcs worldwide.

Spiga Nord manufactures in a completely dedicated installation refined glycerol suitable to be used in high standard markets such as COSMETIC, FOOD AND PHARMACEUTICAL. Spiga Nord PHARMACEUTICAL grade GLYCEROL is manufactured according to the requirements established by the Good Manufacturing Practices applicable for Starting Materials used as API (Active Principle Ingredient) and complies with the purity requirements established for glycerol to be used as API or EXCIPIENT in the manufacture of medicinal products. Spiga refined glycerol complies with the purity standards laid down for the FOOD ADDITIVE E422 GLYCEROL in Regulation 231/2012.

In the same site, Spiga Nord manufactures Pure VEGETABLE refined Kosher and Halal GMO-free POLYGLYCEROLS whose particular composition enables their use as raw material for FOOD and COSMETIC EMULSIFIER production and allows the manufacture of esters in line with Regulation 231/2012 specifications (E475 POLYGLYCEROL ESTERS OF FATTY ACIDS, E476 POLYGLYCEROL POLYRICINOLEATE).

Quality System Certifications

Spiga Nord S.p.A. Quality Management System is compliant with ISO 9001:2008

Certificate N. 01243/00

Code EA 12: Production and sale of refined glycerine, polyglycerine and develpoment of derivates.
Issued on: 2015-07-23
Certified since: 1997-02-24
Expire on: 2018-07-22
Registration number: IT-1457

To download a copy of Spiga Nord S.p.A.'s IQNet® ISO Certification, click here.

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