100% Natural Products

Spiga Nord glycerol and polyglycerols are green products 100% derived from VEGETABLE ORIGIN and GMO FREE raw materials.

In fact crude and refined glycerols used by Spiga Nord as raw materials are recovered as co-products in vegetable oils processing such as the splitting of oils for the production of fatty acids or the esterification of oils with methanol in the production of methyl esters.

Thanks to this green chain, our glycerol and polyglycerols have been approved by Ecocert Greenlife according to the ECOCERT and COSMOS Standards established for cosmetic raw materials.

Due to their vegetable origin, Spiga's products can be used in formulations where the possibility to claim a 100% NATURAL final product is an issue. This is particularly interesting in COSMETIC applications or in technical applications in substitution of petrochemical origin components.

Pure and Safe products

Our products are characterized by a very high chemical and microbiological purity and by the absence of human health dangerous substances such as residual solvents, micotoxins, pesticides, heavy metals, diethylene glycol and related substances in particular for PHARMACEUTICAL grade GLYCEROL.

All our finished products meet the requirements of REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemical substances) regulation.

The registration of the products Pure vegetable POLYGLYCERINE–3 and Pure vegetable DIGLYCERINE has been duly completed; while Glycerol has been included in the Annex V while the longer chain POLYGLYCEROLS (Pure vegetable POLYGLYCERINE–4 and Pure vegetable POLYGLYCERINE–6) comply with the definition of POLYMER and therefore they are exempted from a compulsory registration.

Sustainable resources

Our technical staff makes a great effort towards the implementation of sustainable solutions in the whole production process.

In this context the company has proceeded with the research and exploitation of alternative and renewable energy sources in the recent years and has finally completed the installation of a Photovoltaic system in 2011.

The installation is composed by 384 photovoltaic modules in amorphous silicon (nominal power of each module: 0,120 kWp) which have been installed in order to create a photovoltaic system, exploited by Spiga premises, with a nominal capacity of 46,08 kWp. The Annual Energy Production is estimated at about 50.000 kWh.